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All of the below listed sauces are made from the the same recipe, and use the same quality ingredients. They are just packaged for different audiences.
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HUNTER SALE 10 % Off!-Eurasion Fusion/ aka Magic 20 Gauge
Shake bottle like crazy before use. Do not refrigerate this sauce after opening, as the pure olive oil it contains may congeal.

Flavor: A unique blend of eastern and western influences. It has a deep and slightly malty flavor base, a piquant/sweet, pungent and peppery bite and subtle “evergreen” (juniper) flavor points.

Applications: A true marinade, perfect for game, pork, beef, poultry, braising strong greens, sauteing/stir frying, tenderizing.

Ingredients: Low sodium, naturally brewed soy sauce (water, soy beans, wheat, salt), red wine, natural brown sugars, fresh garlic, olive oil, rice vinegar, juniper berry and Myron's distinctive blend of unique spices.

Product Specifications (download PDF)

SALE!! 10 % Off- 2 / 64 oz. jugs – $45 includes shipping & handing*

Myron's 20 Gauge Wild Game & Fish Sauce

Deep robust marinade for game meats, fish & vegs. Gluten Free.


2-pack – 32 oz jugs – $32.00 includes shipping & handling*

6-pack(case pack) – 32 oz jugs – $75.00 Includes shipping & handling*

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Magic 20 Gauge Marinade


Deep robust marinade for game meats, fish & vegs. Kosher & Gluten Free.
6-pack – 10 oz bottles – $38 includes shipping & handling*

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